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Paul + Abbie | Engagement Photos

I was so happy Paul + Abbie asked me to take their engagement photos – especially because it’s Autumn which, in my opinion, is the most romantic time of year.  Here are a few of my favourites…


This photography journey has been a long one for me – full of ups and downs – and I think that’s the way it often is with anything creative, anything you’re truly passionate about.  I want to write about it more, and I hope I will be able to soon.  But today, I am thankful for Paul and Abbie, for my little camera, for a couple of hours two Saturdays ago that I got to take a short break from my milk-stained life to just go and be Faith-who-is-learning-how-to-follow-all-her-dreams-at-once.


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Joe & Kezia | Glasgow Wedding

I can’t tell you how much I loved this wedding.  It was my first time visiting Scotland, and the people were warm and welcoming, and the accents, well…I shouldn’t have to tell you I love a Scottish accent.  There were kilts – so many kilts – and haggis, and a ceilidh (a Gaelic folk dance…kind of like square dancing), and the bride drank whiskey with her dad while she was getting dressed.  Kezia is an artist and Joe is finishing up a PhD in Engineering at Cambridge, and their marriage of such different interests and strengths was – and is – such a pleasure to watch. It’s easy to take good photos of a couple as in love as these two are.

A totally unforgettable weekend.  Lots of love and thanks to Joe & Kezia for letting me be a part of their beautiful day.


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Joe & Kezia {Sneak Peek}

Next weekend, I’m doing something awesome:  I’m flying to Glasgow to shoot Joe & Kezia’s Scottish wedding.

I kind of can’t wait.

As part of the build-up, I went out to the English countryside with this sweet couple last week and did a little engagement session.  Here’s a sneaky peek…

I’ll post more next week, just before I jet-set up to Scotland for the Big Day!

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Amanda & Jake

I shot my first wedding a couple of weekends ago, and I thought I’d give you guys a little sneak peek.  Wanna see?

Amanda and Jake are two of the sweetest people in the world, and Amanda was the most chilled-out bride I’ve ever seen.  She just wanted to marry Jake, and everything else was secondary.  That’s how it should be, right?

(Simon actually took the shot above while I was straightening Amanda’s gown.  He’s a good assistant.)


I love Love.


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